The 2014 CCAA
Officers, Vice-Presidents & Committee Members

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for Cane Corso Association of America
2013 Election and Constitution & Bylaw Amendment Balloting


2014 Officers


Ron Hoser
Chester County, PA

Vice President

Derek Matson
Dayton, Oh


Heather Vitcusky
Mattapoisett, MA



Bruce Robles
Austin, TX


Director #1- Breed Education

Shauna DeMoss
Cedaredge, CO 81413

Director #2- Ethics & Grievances

Steel Campbell
Brooksville, FL.

Director #3- Awards & Standings

Yvonne A. Alemán
Southwest Ranches, Florida 33332

Director #4- Events

Alexia Rodriguez
San Fransico, CA

Director #5- Welcome Committee

Amy Scott
Columbus, OH

Director #6- Public Relations

Zoe Devita
Purdys, NY

Director #7- Breeders & Health

Terrie Dragan
Hartville, OH

Director #8-Newsletter

Annie Wildmoser
Los Angeles, CA

AKC Delegate





2014 Regional Vice-Presidents

North East - Region #1

South - Region #2

Jimmy Stanchio

MidWest - Region #3

Sheri Ard

West - Region #4



2014 Committee Members

Welcoming Committee

Amy Scott
Stephanie Rudderow
Eryn Wolfe Longbrake
Patti Simoes
Jason Templeton

Breed Ed Committees
Shauna DeMoss(Chair)
Derek Matson
Ron Hoser
Kathy Cressia
Betty Osing

Shauna DeMoss (chair)
Derek Matson
Ron Hoser
Kathy Cressia

Standard advisory panel
Lisa Warren (AKC Judge)
Betty Osing
Brain Ward

Awards & Standings

Yvonne A. Alemán
Rebecca Simonski
Anita Pingsterhaus



Events Committee

Alexia Rodriguez (chair)
Deb Robinson
Rachelle Cline
Kathy Spears


Web site Committee

Shauna DeMoss
Sheri Ard 2/4/13



Annie Wildmoser

BSL committee

Angela Weaver
Yvonne A. Alemán


Fund Raising

Zoe Devita (1/13)
Renee Cuzzo (11/13)
Alexia Fino (4/13)




Working Committee

Ron Hoser
Tonya Folau
Annie Wildmoser



Public Awareness

Kathy Cressia
Zoe Devita
Amy Scott
Shan Ard
Terrie Dragon
Kathy Spears

Health & Genetics

Kathy Cressia
Terrie Dragan
Kathy Spears


Nationals and Specialty Committee

Ron Hoser
Alexia Fino
Heather King
Derek Matson

Constitution Committee

Shauna DeMoss (Chair)
Steel Campbell

Regional Vice President Committee

Derek Matson(Chair)
Carol Wolfe (1/4/12)
Terry Dragan (1/4/12)
Kathy Eiler (7/29/12)
Sheri Ard (4/1/13)



Ethics & Grievances Committee



NOTICE POSTED: 10:00 PM, December 13th, 2013:

Election Results have been received and posted on the Officers, Vice-Presidents & Committee Members page of the website.

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TELLER REPORT for Cane Corso Association of America 2013 Election and Constitution & Bylaw Amendment Balloting


NOTICE POSTED December 13th, 2013:

Hello Fellow Members of the CCAA,

This letter was sent by the CCAA’s attorney this morning at 7:50am to the President, Vice President and the Treasurer.

Ladies and Gentleman:

On Tuesday, December 10, the Directors of the Cane Corso Association of America, Inc. convened an emergency meeting to consider the correspondence recently received from the Treasurer, in which she asserted unilateral cont...rol over the Corporation's monies. She further threatened to tie up the Corporation's assets until certain demands were agreed to.

In light of the Treasurer's misappropriation of the Corporation's funds and the acquiescence of the President and Vice President in her actions and threats, the Directors unanimously determined that it was in the best interest of the Corporation to remove the three individuals from their respective offices pursuant to the Corporation's Bylaws and Florida law.

The Directors further unanimously determined that it was in the best interests of the Corporation to withdraw its monies from the existing bank account and to open new corporate accounts. The transfer of funds was accomplished on Thursday, December 12.

Accordingly, you are no longer an officer of the Cane Corso Association of America, Inc. Please immediately return any Association property to Archie "Steel" Campbell, Secretary, including without limitation, books, records, accounts, archives, bank statements credit or debit cards, corporate seals, and any other property. If the items are not received by Wednesday, December, 18, a report will be made to the American Kennel Club and legal action may be commenced.

Very truly yours,

D. Jay Hyman



NOTICE POSTED December 6th, 2013:

Fellow CCAA Members, 

It is with great regret that we inform the membership of this emerging situation. Our Treasurer, Kristen Sauers, has been suspended for sixty days due to a grievance filed against her by a fellow club member. Ms. Sauers received proper notifications of both the grievance and the hearing. The majority of the board found her guilty of public forum/social media bashing, a violation of both the CCAA bylaws and the BOD Code of Conduct. In today’s society of children and adults suffering due to social media threats and bullying, the CCAA has a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. As the Board of Directors, it is our responsibility to take any grievance seriously. 

Ms. Sauers received notification of her suspension and was ordered to release the books as well as the Club’s funds immediately to the Secretary. Ms. Sauers was made aware that once her suspension was completed that she would be restored to her full fiduciary duties as Treasurer. Ms. Sauers has refused to comply, which leaves the Club in a position in which it cannot conduct business. Below is the email received from Ms. Sauers:

From: CCAA Treasurer []
Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2013 7:24 PM
Subject: Re: request

Shauna,Under the advice of an arbitrator (who will serve as my counsel in the future, if need be), if you want me to cooperate and do my job as Treasurer properly, you need to lift the current suspension and cease any and all future suspensions/grievances. Once I have the Board's written assurance to this, I will gladly fulfill my duties and responsibilities as the Treasurer (the position to which I was elected). If not, I will see that the club's monies go into escrow account and it will have to be handled through a lengthy court process.I expect an answer in 5 business days.

Krissy Sauers
CCAA Treasurer

Ms. Sauers has threatened that if the Club does not excuse her from her current suspension, and guarantee immunity from future grievances against her, that she will encumber the Club’s money, YOUR money, in escrow for months or years during a protracted legal process. We are providing her email as documented proof. It should be noted that Ms. Sauers is withholding more than $10,000 of membership dues and monies raised by the membership. It has also come to the Board’s attention that only one signee is on the bank account controlled by Ms. Sauers. No other Board member has had access to any of the Club’s accounts, nor has the Club been given an accounting of the monies being spent. 

As Ms. Sauers will not release the funds, she is obstructing the operation of the club and impeding completion of the duties that we, as Officers and Directors, were elected to do. Ms. Sauers also has refused to disburse payment for the following essential, time sensitive projects:

1. AKC registration fees for the National Specialty.
2. Printing of the judges’ manual for upcoming Breed Seminar for 35 AKC judges.
3. Parliamentarian. We have an overdue balance with the Parliamentarian that is conducting the Club’s annual election. This must be paid before election results will be announced. 
4. Printing of a surprise year-end edition printed Cane Corso Chronicle, including minutes, CCAA Directors a Year at a Glance and various informative articles. 

The majority of the Board came to the decision to establish a new business account requiring multiple signees, preventing control of the Club’s finances from being usurped by any single individual. Once the aforementioned finances are relinquished, they will be put into the new CCAA membership account to prevent such seizure from taking place again. The members can feel secure that the Club’s website is updated and all monies received for memberships and merchandise are going to the correct, secure bank account for the Club.

The Club is now faced with the daunting task of retaining an attorney as well as pursuing Civil and Criminal proceedings.

Fellow members, we implore each and every one of you, we must stand together in times of trial and tribulation. The CCAA will not falter but will continue to stand strong against negative attacks, both personal and professional. We, the undersigned Officers and Directors, are here for the Club, for the Breed, and for the Members. 


Steel Campbell, CCAA Secretary
Shauna DeMoss, CCAA Dir. #1
Derek Matson, CCAA Dir. #3
Ron Hoser, CCAA Dir. #4
Amy Scott, CCAA Dir #5
Zoe DeVita, CCAA Dir. #6
Kathy Cressia, CCAA Dir. #7
John Bucher, CCAA Dir. #8



NOTICE POSTED December 6th, 2013:

The ONLY Valid Cane Corso Association of America PayPal address is: PAYPAL@CCAA.ORG
The ONLY Valid Cane Corso Association of America Mailing address is provided on the breed club website.
The ONLY venue for registering/renewing CCAA Memberships is through the OFFICIAL BREED CLUB WEBSITE, at this link:

Any payments incorrectly made to other addresses will NOT be received by the CCAA. Such payments will need to be recovered by the issuer, and re-paid to the correct address listed above, to be applied toward Cane Corso Association of America membership.



NOTICE POSTED November 6th, 2013:

CCAA Members,
The undersigned CCAA Board of Director Officers and Directors have heard the members comments and concerns. We want the members to understand that we are working on presenting a venue for the members to have access to the status of the Board of Directors activities and ongoing projects. We value your input, and will address any questions that are present in a civil or professional manner once the venue is approved by the entire Board. In the past we have used the Chronicle as a means of communication with the members to share the minutes of our meetings and other BOD reports. We acknowledge that publishing the Chronicle in a timely manner has been a problem recently. We hope to have this fixed soon and have the chronicle available for our members on a regular basis.

The concern of the BOD as well as some members has prompted us to ask for an independent opinion from a Florida Registered Parliamentarian on the validity of some recent BOD actions. Please see the ATTACHED PDF FILE (Click Link to View) for information on the ruling of the Parliamentarian. Please understand that we are committed to following the CCAA bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order and The Florida Statutes.

We will be posting more information over the next few days to assure the membership that we are working to better open the lines of communication between the members and the BOD. We appreciate your understanding while we work out the fine details.

Steel Campbell, CCAA Secretary
Shauna DeMoss, CCAA Dir. #1
Derek  Matson, CCAA Dir. #3
Ron Hoser, CCAA Dir. #4
Amy Scott, CCAA Dir #5
Zoe DeVita, CCAA Dir. #6
John Bucher, CCAA Dir. #8



NOTICE POSTED November 5th, 2013:

Members of CCAA:
We make the following statement in response to the recent post to the CCAA Facebook page signed by interim President Janet Gigante purporting to remove a CCAA member and Director, Derek Matson, as well as to reinstate suspended President Tony Scandy:

It is the position of the undersigned that the actions as set forth in Ms. Gigante’s Facebook post were taken outside of the requirements of the CCAA bylaws, Roberts Rules and against Florida State law. According to Ms. Gigante’s statement, these actions were taken by a mere three (3) members of the Board of Directors, and, thus taken without a quorum as required by the bylaws. The undersigned do not and cannot agree with the statements set forth in the Facebook post.

It is the position of the undersigned that Derek Matson is in good standing. Specifically, Mr. Matson’s status, including membership dues, was addressed on a Board Meeting. After reviewing the evidence presented, the majority of the Board of Directors voted, with a quorum, that he was in good standing. Furthermore, it is the position of the undersigned that Mr. Scandy has not been reinstated as President of the CCAA.

Due to the past and present unilateral actions of the VP, the Directors questioned the irregularity of a board call not arranged by the usual provider. We expressed our willingness to participate in a secure and properly sanctioned call, which was denied by Mrs. Gigante. Our suspicions of security breach have since been confirmed. Regardless of any individual opinions regarding recording of board meetings, the Board of Directors as a whole voted and determined that meetings shall not be recorded.

After the above mentioned Facebook post, Ms. Gigante then used her access, without BOD approval, to remove the 5 Directors from administrative privileges on the CCAA Facebook. When a request was submitted via the CCAA BOD yahoo group to reinstate the BOD access to the Club's Facebook, access to the Yahoo group was removed from the 5 Directors.

These actions are focused on stifling the operation of the club and discrediting members, and is thus preventing the Directors from conducting club business as proscribed by the bylaws.

It is the sincere hope of all making this statement that an amicable resolution can be reached forthwith for the good of the club and our beloved breed.

Zoe DeVita
Public Relations Director,
  on behalf of:
Ron Hoser
Shauna DeMoss
Amy Scott
Derek Matson
Steel Campbell
John Bucher

NOTICE POSTED September 5th, 2013:

Regretfully, the CCAA is announcing that Tony Scandy, President of the CCAA, has been suspended from his duties until December 5, 2013 for ethics violations. In the interim, Janet Gigante CCAA Vice President, will assume his duties.

Steel Campbell
CCAA Secretary / / 352-678-5704

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