Cane Corso Show Information

The following awards shall be presented yearly by the CCAA. These awards are acheived by producing and presenting quality dogs in the conformation and working rings. Each award and the method of compilation is described below.

  1. CCAA Grand Championship

    A CCAA Grand Championship is acheived by earning 85 points and 2 Specialty Wins.
    Grand Championship Points may only be earned from the Best of Breed Class.
    A point is earned for each dog defeated, with a maximum of 5 points earned per show.
    Points are earned with Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex wins ONLY.
    The points for Best of Breed are inclusive of both sexes and points for Best of Opposite are limited to the dogs defetaed of thesame sex.
    15 of the 85 points are acheived during the campaign of the dogs AKC Championship.
    A Specialty win is acheived by earning a 5 point win for Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex at a CCAA sanctioned Regional or National Specialty show.
    Each of the 2 required Specialty wins must be under 2 different judges.

  2. CCAA Reproductive Champion

    A CCAA Reproductive Championship is acheived for a stud dog when he has produced 6 Champions of Record: A CCAA Reproduction Championship for a brood bitch by producing 4 Champions of Record.
    ***After July 1, 2010 only AKC Championships apply***
    The owners of the stud dog and/or brood bitch must be CCAA member(s), in good standing, during the time their dogs progeny earned their Championships.

    Note: This is NOT an automatic title. The Owner of the stud dog or brood bitch is responsible for providing documentation to the Awards and Standings Committee.

  3. CCAA Breeder of the Year

    The CCAA Breeder of the Year shall be the member who accumulates the most points from January 1st to December 31st each year,based on the scale below. Breeder must be a current CCAA member and in good standing with the CCAA.

    Total Dogs defeated (Corso in the top 50 for whom breeder is listed as breeder of record)
    CCAA Dog and/or Bitch of the Year (200 points)
    CCAA Puppy of the Year (100 points)
    CCAA Grand Champion (200 points)
    CCAA Reproduction Champion (150 points)
    AKC Champion (100 points)
    AKC GCH. (50 points)
    National Specialty Best of Breed (150 points)
    National Specialty Best of Opposite Sex (125 points)
    National Specialty BOW (100 points)
    Breeders Cup (150 Points)
    Regional Best of Breed-Must Be 5 Point Major-(100 points)
    Regional Best Opposite Sex (75 points)
    Regional BOW (50 points)
    OFA Fair or above or Pennhip over median. Dog must be over 1 year and verification must be presented by breeder (15 points)
  4. CCAA Dog of the Year

    As of January 2010 Owner must be a current member of the CCAA, in good the time points are earned.
    The CCAA Dog of the Year is acheived by earning the highest number of points in one calendar year by the same sex dog.
    A dog must be 6 months old, inclusive of the first day of the show, to be eligible for points.

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